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Christ Church History

The east face of the church gazes across lovely pastureland to the home of the founder – the late Ralph Bourne of Hilderstone Hall. The south face looks towards the village which it was built to serve.

Ralph Bourne bought Hilderstone Hall around 1817 and quickly began efforts to build a church. In a letter dated April 1820 and addressed to Earl Harrowby, Mr Bourne spoke of his determination to build a church, stating that he found the village ignorant and irreligious and he therefore proposed to give the land needed for a church and churchyard plus the sum of £1,000.later increased to £1500.

Mr Bourne had already given land and built a day school which was registered for public worship, to be used until such time as a church could be built and brought into use. Eventually in 1827 the first stone was laid and was consecrated 31st July 1833.

One can only guess at the difficulties which he must have encountered along the way for it was now 10 years since the project had first been envisaged.

The outside wall are of a local stone from Hollington and the edifice is built in the Gothic style with a tower at the west corner surmounted by by a 40ft spire. The Architect was Thomas Trubshaw. The interior is 72ft in length and 32ft wide with a central aisle and two side aisles.