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The Hilderstone Village Hall 100 Club

Hilderstone Village Hall

Hilderstone Village Hall Committee raises valuable funds every year for the running of Hilderstone Village Hall. Money raised is used to maintain and improve the hall for

the benefit of all users as well as subsidising events held at the hall. In addition, since 2020, we are also raising money to improve the outdoor areas of the hall.

By joining the 100 club you can help ensure Hilderstone Village Hall remains openas a resource for all the residents in our community, as well as having a chance to

win cash prizes every month!

The Hilderstone Village Hall 100 Club is a private lottery and is open to all residents from Hilderstone Village and the surrounding area, their family and friends. As a

private lottery you have to be invited to join, you will be allocated a number and yourtickets are not transferable.

You have to be 16 or over to join.

  1. There is a draw each month for 5 prizes: Ј100, Ј50, Ј25, Ј10 and Ј10. The
  2. December draw has the following prizes: Ј100, Ј75, Ј50, Ј40, Ј30, Ј25, Ј20,
  3. Ј20, Ј10 and Ј10.
  4. Each number is Ј5 per month
  5. A percentage of the monthly subscriptions is given out in prizes, with the
  6. balance saved for running costs of the Village Hall.
  7. There is no limit to how many numbers you can buy.
  8. Preferred method of payment is by monthly standing order.

If you are interested please print out and fill in the form at the web site below.