Hilderstone Community Speedwatch

The present Hilderstone Community Speedwatch (HCS) group became operational in September 2012, with the help of Staffordshire County Council all as a result of there being no effective speed enforcement action in the area over many years - true self help.

Hilderstone is almost unique in that it has no footpaths in the central section of the village with pedestrians and traffic being forced to share a very narrow section of road with walls either side.

A recent Staffordshire County Council, Highways Department, Survey over a 7 day period established that 85% of the traffic moving through the village exceeds the 30 mph speed limit by at least 5 mph with many by 10 to 20 mph. At peak times a vehicle passes through every 4½ seconds.

There have been many accidents.

Working in conjunction with the Counties Safer Roads Partnership, HCS provides a visible deterrent to the 100's of speeding vehicles that pass through the village on a daily basis.

The information gained from the monitoring is forwarded Safety Road Partnership for further action

Working with the Community, County Council and Highways Department it has obtained and validated traffic information with an ongoing objective to put in place and maintain an effective traffic management/calming system. As a result, Chicanes were installed December 2013.

One of 50 Community Speedwatch Groups in the County, the HCS, comprises of 8 members and is one of the most active undertaking 4 – 5 monitoring session a month.

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