Hilderstone Parish Elections

Election Year 2019

Stafford Borough Council Electoral Services is responsible for organising and conducting all elections and referenda within its boundaries from Parish, Borough & County Councillors to Parliamentary MPs and European MEPs.

In Stafford, Borough and Parish elections are held on the first Thursday in May every four years. The last elections were held in 2019 and the next will be held in May 2023.

County Council elections are similarly held on the first Thursday in May every four years. The next elections will be held on 4th May 2021.

Parliamentary elections are held a maximum of five years apart.

Hilderstone currently falls within the Milwich ward for Borough Council elections. The current Borough Councillor is Andy Harp.

Hilderstone falls within the Stone Rural division for the County Council Elections. The current County Councillor is Ian Parry.

For more information or to ensure that you are on the local electoral role visit the website: www.staffordbc.gov.uk/elections or contact the Elections Office at Stafford Borough Council:

Elections Office
Stafford Borough Council
Civic Centre
ST16 3AQ

Telephone: 01785 619424