Hilderstone Best Kept Village

The Staffordshire Best Kept Village Competition is run by the Community Council of Staffordshire. The aim of the competition is to improve village environments and encourage the local community to keep their villages neat, tidy and attractive. It is also hoped that the competition will foster a community spirit.

"The Best Kept Village Competition is primarily about community involvement, caring for the environment, pride in the village and that indefinable element - tender loving care (TLC)." Community Council of Staffordshire, notes on judging.

The Competition started in 1956, Hilderstone took part from 1962 to 1984 reaching the semi-finals three times and the final twice. In 2009 after many years of not entering the competition, Hilderstone took part once again and received a Highly Commended certificate. Since 2009 the village has continued to improve year on year, coming Second in the small village category in 2012 and third in 2013. It is hoped that with the continued support of volunteers, Hilderstone can come first!

The Hilderstone Best Kept Village Group currently consists of 18 volunteers who weed, litter pick, water the flower boxes, clean benches and notice boards etc in the main public areas of the village. The Parish Council pays for some regular maintenance work (grass strimming, varnishing and repairs to notice boards, benches and bus shelters), but as its budget is limited, the volunteers ensure that the village is kept in the best possible condition. As private front gardens are also judged in the competition, all villagers can help by keeping these well maintained and weeding the pavements in front of their properties. The pavements are sprayed twice per year, but in a rural area this is not enough to keep the weeds at bay!

The village is judged once in May, once in June and if it gets through to the final, it will be judged again in July. The village is not given the dates of judging. It is important however that work continues for as much of the year as the weather will permit, so that Hilderstone remains ‘A Village to be Proud Of’ and one that we all enjoy living in.

If you are interested in becoming a Best Kept Village Volunteer please contact the Parish Council Clerk in the first instance. Contact details can be found on the contacts page of this website.

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